Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rising Gael

Sean and I were able to go into the city on Friday to see a Rising Gael concert.  The lead singer of this Madison, WI based Celtic band, Erin, was one of Sean's classmates at Boston College.  I was blown away by the talent of this group.  They incorporate so many different and unique instruments into all their songs...and they even added some Irish dancing into a few numbers.  They are clearly very passionate musicians...there was no way you could not be entertained by their performance.  To top it off, Erin has the sweetest, most beautiful voice...I was sad when the concert ended!

*Note - she also has the most unique and gorgeous handwriting that I have ever seen.  I am going to have to recruit her to give me a sample of her writing just so that I can share it with you!

If you are looking for some new music, check out Rising Gael....

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