Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paul Street House Tour - Nursery

I have already posted about the nursery when we first finished it, but you know how rooms just sort of change over time.

I already miss Paddy's sweet little will be fun to come up with another room to suit him once we move to West Point.

Before -

Before Paddy was a glimmer in our eye, this room was a very messy storage room. 

After -

Jenny Lind crib, Gap Kids blanket, PB Kids Bumpers, and Hat Rack made by my dad

I love the addition of the is also amazing storage for all the baby blankets!

the owl pillow I made, my $5 thrift store chair, and Target trumpet table

baby hangers are one of the cutest things ever, in my opinion.
the mobile I made from balsa wood...

the pinwheels that my friends made for the Boston shower...


  1. I love this so much! Your orange chair looks suspiciously like my pink chair except I paid $28 for mine!! I thought that was a good deal at the I know I got robbed!

    I love the owl pillow and the mobile is just gorgeous--I'm currently toying with a mobile idea--we'll see if it turns out.

  2. This is fantastic. I look at nurseries every single day and rarely find one that I wouldn't change at all-yours is one of those. It's absolutely gorgeous.

  3. It's amazing how you took a messy storage room and turned it into a babies room for paddy.