Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Outdoor Time

Last fall, we sold our trusty old patio set.  It had served us very well over the last 6 years.  It took several new coats of Rustoleum paint, but it was just old and tired.  So, since last fall, I have been contemplating what to do about outdoor furniture.

Our requirements were basically:

1.  Eight chairs would be ideal.  Stackable would be even better.
2.  Want table that can seat eight; however, this would take up most of our current patio space, and we don't know what type of yards we will have with our future moves, so a huge table could be problematic.  Ideally, we wanted a table with leaves or one that had the capability to expand.
3.  A non-matching table/chairs.

So, after much debating, we settled on some stackable chairs from Lowe's.  We got 8, and I couldn't be more happy that we did.  We have already had several occassions to use all 8 of them, and I love that we can store two of them down by our basement door.  Stackable seemed key for all the moving we will be doing!

The price has dropped a lot...these are the Garden Treasures - Key Largo Stationary Patio Chair
The table was a bit trickier.  I found a couple of guys on craigslist who make picnic tables with pedestal legs which I really liked...after having one guy up the price quote by $100, I decided against that option as I was hoping to find something at a better price.

Sean and I started thinking about making our own table.  We knew we wanted metal legs...but that was all we knew.  Then, I got this crazy idea that we should make our own table out of pallets.   On a whim, we went and picked up 5 free pallets.

I liked these types of designs...but then we would have had to fill in all the openings on the tops of the pallets, we would have had to basically make two tables in order to be big enough, and the pipes to make the legs are pretty expensive.  This was starting to feel like a lot more work than I was ready to put forth.

Then, finally - we lucked out.  We found the perfect table to meet our requirements and budget!  The IKEA Applaro drop leaf table...costing only $129!  It has two drop leaves on the sides.  Sarah was a good sport about joining me for the Ikea trip to pick one up while she was here.  Then, I learned that she loves to assemble things - NICE!  So, thanks to a long Paddy nap, she got it assembled, and we got it outside!  YEAH!
I had thought that the chairs fit under the table, but they don't - the table is about an inch too short.  So, my dad is going to be helping us with that.

We get full sun in our backyard, and I love being outside with Paddy during the summer; however, the sun gets pretty intense.  So, I ordered this umbrella from Overstock.  It looks like it should arrive tomorrow. 

We need to stain the table, probably soon.  I am contemplating trying some sort of gray, washed out look.  We will see!  For the meantime, I am just adoring the new table.

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