Sunday, July 17, 2011


Considering my obsession with Isabella Stewart Gardner, I figured I must try to plant her favorite flower, nasturtiums.  They plant these at the museum every April for her birthday...however, they start these plants in their greenhouse something like ten months in advance to grow them super long, and then they spill down from the third story balcony and into the courtyard...amazing.

I am glad that these took because they tested my patience.  I NEVER read directions - or, I guess I usually half read them, which is worse.  But, with these, I read the directions.  It said that they would do better if you use a nail file and file down each seed.  So...I did that...however, I dropped every single seed in the process.  So then it was a constant game of hide and go seek.  These are also edible...have to figure out how to work them into a meal!

 Isn't it nice how well they match the lovely construction fence that doesn't seem like it is ever going to go away?

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  1. They are so pretty. And you are right. The color match is perfect! Maybe in a few months you could bring them over to my house and hang them down from the kids' third floor case you were looking for a balcony.