Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ari Hauben original

Sean recently surprised me with a beautiful piece of artwork for the nursery. It is an Ari Hauben original. Ari is a friend of ours who is incredibly talented. We had our eyes on this piece, Let Go, for a while as we originally wanted it for our living room. This painting gives me such a good feeling, especially since I am a person who gets way too wrapped up and stressed about all the little details, I see this picture and I just want to let all the worries slip away. I can't think of a better piece of art for the nursery...

Well...maybe there is a tie. When Ari came over to see Let Go, he brought another piece that he ended up giving to us, and I love that one too. It is called Love Song. I adore how the little birds are making their little noises that create this Love Song together. It reminds me of how crazy I am about my husband and how excited I am to start a family with him.

I hope we will own more of Ari's work in the future...he is truly gifted.

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