Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Newport

I think Newport is my new favorite town. We took a day trip here with my parents, and it was a blast. We ate lunch at the Black Pearl, after having several friends recommend it, and then we went to tour the Breakers. It is the mansion of the Vanderbilt family...and is the most incredible house I have been in. I was so sad that we couldn't take pictures inside! After that, we went to Castle Hill Inn where we had "cocktails on the lawn" followed by dinner on the lawn. They have this expansive property that is right on the water, and they scatter lots of adirondack chairs all over the yard. What a great idea. It was just lovely to sit and watch the sailboats go by and enjoy a cocktail (mocktail for me!). What an amazing end to the day. I can't wait to get back and explore more of this quaint and charming town.

loved the itty bitty mint julep cup with fresh roses...

how cool are these wicker chairs on the second story porch of the Breakers? We were thinking they help block the wind...??

I could get used to this being my porch view...what about you?

Can we live here?

looking at the back of the Breakers...

Castle Hill Inn...

Can you see the adirondacks?

Newport sunset...gorgeous.

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