Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nursery Artwork

So, we have the two Ari Hauben pieces that will be fantastic for the nursery, and I have a few others that I am hoping to incorporate...

1. Burt Lake vintage map - my parents have had this old map of Burt Lake that I have loved. I have been on the lookout for one, but haven't been able to find one. I asked them if they would mind getting a color copy made for us. The copy turned out great, and I got a navy mat and Ikea frame, and we are ready to go. I love how it turned out.

2. Charley Harper father/son picture - I am going try to frame this one, I think it is perfect for the nursery.

3. 1956 New Yorker Cover with "Junior Cadets" - When we were on the Vineyard, Jeanine took us into this very cool store that was selling this cover which was framed and matted very nicely, for $250. We knew they looked like little West Point cadets, but weren't sure. I confirmed it when we got home, and I found a copy of that New Yorker on ebay for a steal, so I am hoping to recreate what they had for a fraction of that cost!

I am also addicted to a lot of typography art work, so I may put a couple of pieces like these on my wish list...ABCs and 123s...

I am hoping to make a wall with a nice collage of all these pieces, but I know I will make a disaster out of it. I might need to enlist some help for putting this idea together!

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