Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hi all - I haven't felt like I have had anything interesting to say lately, but I have come up with a few random things to share! We have been enjoying our time back in Boston, and we had my parents out here for a week. It was a blast - we took some day trips, and got a ton of work done on the nursery! When my parents are around, we can just crank through projects...I love it, and I love them for being so incredibly helpful! I left for prenatal yoga one night, and came back to a painted nursery - score!!

Anyways, one of our day trips was out to Brimfield, which claims to be the largest outdoor antique show. It happens three times a year...Sean and I had been so excited to check it out ever since moving here. Our main goal was to get a dresser for the nursery. It really was an amazing show - I could have spent oodles and oodles of dough there, that is for sure.

So, Sean and I fell in love with this cart - I know, we were supposed to get a dresser, but we loved the history of it and the industrial feel. It is a 100 year old railroad cart that they used to put luggage from the train onto...and then, the furniture maker built it up to be a large cart/island using an old factory table top. We kept looking at it wondering how this could be a dresser. He also had a bunch of old metal bins from factories, so I started looking at those, and then asked my dad if he could help us build a second shelf on the cart. He said he could, so we got it...and a bunch of bins to use as drawers. YIPPIE. We knew we could re-purpose this piece into so many different places as time goes on as well!

my parents and sean surveying the situation...trying to figure out how we will get this home!

So, once we got home, I hopped on craigslist and found a bowling alley slab for next to nothing. Sean and my dad picked it up the next day and then built a second shelf for our new "dresser". The slab just so happened to match the top perfectly, I was so excited. I still haven't decided if I will leave the bins as is, or paint them a color. We will see. I also need to line the bins with something...I was thinking some fun oil cloth maybe?? Let me know if you have opinions/suggestions!

Here is the cart...or should I say dresser?

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  1. OHHH MYYYYYY GAWWWWWSH! That is GORGEOUS! It totally looks like something that would be 1,500 at Restoration Hardware! I love everything about it, the BINS, the TOP, the FUNKY industrial WHEELS! YEAH for you! GREAT find...I'm more than envious! follower! So glad you were featured on 6th Street Design school...Kirsten is FABULOUS!