Thursday, July 30, 2009

An eye for color?

So, as much as I am passionate about all things 'home', I can't seem to develop my eye for color. I swear, I need to go to a remedial class on this. Let me just tell you, we knew we wanted some sort of neutral khaki color for the nursery. I was so happy that Home Depot has started selling the small samples of color...perfect for the color flunkies like me. I bought four different colors before my parents came, and none of them were close. My p's arrive, and I describe to my mom what we want, and she picks out the perfect color on her first try. Why didn't I get those genes?

Anyways, we ended up with English Tan.

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  1. Hey Meghan! Your nursery is beautiful! I'm actually on the hunt for a good beige myself for Pierce's room. I did his originally green and blue with elephants. Hudson's is red, blue and white so it's easy to grow with him. Anyway, I thought maybe I could repaint the walls a beige and add some navy accents. Then I saw yours and really like it. Our crib furniture is dark wood. If God has a 3rd in our future, I'd love to do a more vintage nursery with the Jenny Lind crib at my parents...anyway (again) any ideas for me? You're always good at this stuff. And I may have the boys share a room someday so not wanting to spend a ton of money on Pierce's now...and your pic of the crib was great, too!