Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brimfield...we can't stay away

So, after we dropped my parents off after our fun week together, Sean and I headed straight back out to Brimfield. We had seriously contemplated buying a different dresser when we ended up with our cart, and once we got home, I figured out a place where it would look nice, and it would free up a bigger dresser to move back into our bedroom where we desperately need the storage! So, we went to see if it was still there...lucky us, it was. Sean bargained the guy down, and after we agreed to buy it, he said, "Oh by the way, I was meaning to look this up online, but under the marble top, there is the name Charles Pillsbury. I am wondering if he is part of the big Pillsbury family." Needless the say, the first thing I asked Sean to google when we got home was good old Charles...just so happens that he was the founder of Pillsbury Flour - how fun!!

I also bought a pretty old mason jar, as I think I am going to follow this mom's idea of jotting down funny doings, quotes, etc. of the baby, and the one day turn them into a book!


  1. we have dressers like this with the acorn handles in our family. They are currently at my Dad's house. neat!

  2. oh, fun! I loved how they looked! How are you doing? so good to hear from you!