Thursday, July 30, 2009


So, I decided on the classic Jenny Lind crib. I went with white...I was a little concerned it was too feminine looking, but I saw some cool boys rooms with it, so I overcame my fear.

Like Hallie, I really enjoy looking at crib bedding, but I just haven't found anything I feel like I can commit to. I really like this Dwell set, or the cheaper Pottery Barn version (I think they are both expensive, so I have saved searches on eBay...hoping they might appear for very cheap) just because I feel like I could potentially use for more than one bambino and could accessorize however I would like to.

I think I have decided on this blanket to throw over the side of the crib, and I may just use navy or white sheets and call it a day. We will see.

Currently in the crib are a couple of fun things...

1. Sleeping Bunny pillow - Hallie handmade this pillow. It is the most beautiful pillow to looks like it has been passed down through generations, and I think it is so sweet. matches perfectly.
2. Sock Monkeys made by my great great grandmother Thomas - my mom gave these to me...I need to fix up the girl's hair, but besides that (and a few stains), they are in great shape, and they mean a lot to me b/c they have been in the family for so long!

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