Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day...

I got to spend Valentine's Day weekend with my oldest friends.  We were so honored to have Meagan, Joy and Blair come visit.  Saturday, we went downtown, walked through the Faneuil Hall area, and then onto the North End.  We saw a woman literally rolling one precious pasta noodle at a time...we all looked very therapeutic and even more delicious!  We ate dinner at Euno and all the food was incredibly rich and flavorful.  I especially loved the complimentary champagne that they brought us while we were waiting for our table!  Then, of course, onto Mike's Pastry for some dessert.  By the way, canoli's make a good breakfast.

On Valentine's Day, we had a girls' afternoon out.  We went to Tea at the Taj, shopping on Newbury, cocktails at the Cheer's bar, and then back to the house for a night of southern food.  Sean made some killer fried chicken for us....yum.

I can't tell you how many times throughout the weekend I counted my blessings that I have these amazing women in my life.  To be living so far apart for so long now, and to be able to come together and have so many laughs, to reminisce, to speak of the past, the present and the future, and to feel like we never skipped a beat - it really speaks to the meaning of true friendship.  Girls - thanks so much for coming to see us...can't wait until next time.  Love you all!

The stunning flowers at the TAJ...
Breathtaking (thanks for snapping this one, MC!)
Tea sandwiches...scrumptious.  I need to make these little cucumber sandwiches.  Okay, and the prosciutto ones as well!
Here comes the sweets! 
Love the detail on the bottom of the strawberries...
Won't you be mine?
macaroons are the prettiest.
Back at the casa, we had champagne cocktails...
I made Brenda's delicious chocolate raspberry cake with ganache frosting.  decadent.
Happy Valentine's Day...
I am on a personalized straw kick, can you tell?  Fun straws make champagne taste better...
Bakerella's cake pops...this time I made them with strawberry cake.  I filled the vase with sugar to help them stand up.

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  1. how fun!!! You are so talented! Love it!!!!! Hope all is well!