Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My first Valentine for Sean...

Admittedly, my husband and I can get very 'lost' in the internet.  He is a news junkie (I wish I could say I was), and I am a blog junkie.  I learn stuff...just different stuff, right? :)

We have been joking that we need to divorce our macs at night so that we can hang out with each other, instead of zoning out with our computers.

Thus, Sean's 2010 Valentine...(I had printed it and forgot to snatch it off the printer, so he foiled my valentine when he found it this morning!)  Back to the drawing board...


  1. This is awesome. I think ben would like this one from me, too. :) He needs to make me one that says, "I love you more than the xbox."

  2. that's adorable & hilarious! and james & i definitely need to divorce our macs too :)