Monday, February 8, 2010

Square Root Baby

So, Sommer has an awesome theme for her son's first birthday party.  He was born on 3/3/09, making him a rare "square root baby"...which turned into the theme for the party....LOVE IT!  (I already told Sommer I may have to sort of copy her and do a Friday the 13th theme for SP.)

She made adorable invitations, and is planning a menu where everything fits the theme.  She is going to take lots of pics...I am hoping I have convinced her to either guest blog here or I will link to her inspiring new blog when she posts all the fun details!

I asked if I could help from afar and make a few little fun accessories for the throwdown!  So, I kept with the theme and color scheme of chocolate brown and black.  I created some straws, food picks, and food labels.  They were all so much fun to make...thanks for letting me help, Sommer!

The front of the 'party picks'...
The back of the party picks...
 The straws...

Don't you think things are even more exciting when they come in cute packages?  I whipped these up, just for fun...

Simple tent cards to place near the food, if she wants them...

I was so happy to have the little glassine bags on hand that just happened to work for these!

Happy early birthday to the Square Root Baby!


  1. Ok so you should REALLY be a party planner! Everything looks AWESOME....will be the hit of the party!! You are great at details really should start Party in a Box!!!

  2. As I was reading your blog I was thinking the same thing as Sommer...Keep all this for your portfolio!! LOVE IT ALL!

  3. wow, you are so talented. wish you lived here in IN, and I could hire you!!