Sunday, February 21, 2010

To fix or not to fix...

So, my dear friend Rhonda called me one day during work saying that she was at Salvation Army and there were some chairs that she thought I would want.  I raced over and immediately agreed.  The chairs were very clean and had what appeared to be relatively new fabric on them.  I was going to paint them glossy white and have them reupholstered in a fun fabric.  I didn't have time to get this project done before we left GA, which I am now kicking myself for.  The cost up here in Boston is going to be a lot more than it would have been down there! 

Recently, one of the legs broke off one of the chairs...and, it was clear that this had been broken before as there were stray screws/glue marks from a shoddy fix.  ARGH.  Oh well, what did I expect? 
I sent a question into Apartment Therapy Boston to see if anyone could basically recommend the 'perfect' resources - a quality and inexpensive upholsterer and woodworker.

So, they question now fix or not to fix?    I think the chairs could be nice if I fixed them up; however, I have to make a commitment to fabric in order to do that, and I always seem to get cold feet!  I really want a fun, modern looking geometric print.  I would love to do a bold color (I still lust after the kelly green Imperial Trellis fabric), but I have started chickening out on that and thinking I should get a more neutral color so that it can go along with more rooms...especially since we have a lot of moves coming up.

I have recently found someone on craigslist who can fix the chair leg for a reasonable price, and now I still need to decide on a fabric, paint the chairs, and find an upholsterer.  Lots to do.

I think I would really like to stick with a geometric pattern, and it would be great if I could Scotchguard the material and be able to wash the covers for the cushions.

I have been keeping an eye out for fabrics that I like, but I haven't seemed to find the perfect fabric at the perfect price yet :)

Here are some fabrics that I can click on the pics to link to the sites where I found them.


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