Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet Savannah

It is amazing how many times Sean and I say, "we miss Columbus" or "we miss Georgia" or "we miss the south".  Right now, I am thinking about Savannah.  Sean and I took a 4 day trip there in April of 2006, and I loved it so much, I still feel like it was just yesterday.  I can't wait to get back there!



I adore the layout of the city and the stunning architecture...I can't believe I don't have a gazillion pictures of the houses and parks.  Hmmm...guess I will need to go back :)  (*this was also pre-digital SLR, and I sucked at taking pics with my point and shoot)

We splurged and stayed at the Mansion on Forsyth for a couple of the nights.  It was worth it.  It is an 1888 Victorian mansion turned funeral home that was rehabbed into a modern boutique hotel.  Hotels can be so incredibly inspiring, don't you think?






We also spent two days in the cooking school affiliated with the Mansion on Forsyth, 700 Kitchen.  We had planned to go for one day, but we had such a great time during our first session with Chef Darin, we decided mid-class that we MUST go back for another day!  We still constantly make the recipes that we learned from our Searing/ Sautéing and Low Country eyed pea salad, creamy grits, and pork tenderloin medallions with dijon mustard sauce are just a few of our favorites.  I would HIGHLY recommend going.

There are amazing shops.  I tried to sneak some pics...these are from The Paris Market...

This is when I became obsessed with apothecary jars...

We also went to one of my favorite spas that I have been to...the Savannah Day Spa.  I am SUPER picky when it comes to spas...SUPER picky.  I loved the ambiance here, (in a beautifully restored historic home) and I dream about going back.

And the food, of course, the wonderful food.  A friend of ours, Donna, is like our personal concierge anytime we go to a new city, domestic or abroad, we could count on her for amazing dining suggestions.  Elizabeth on 37th is one of the best restaurants that we have ever been to.  The food is delectable, service - incredible, AND it is in a beautiful old house which I am a total sucker for.  I wish I had a better pic.  I will never forget the huge rosemary bushes out front.  That began my obsession with and purchasing of rosemary bushes.  What a heavenly scent when you brush against them.  mmmmm.....

I feel like we fit so much into four days...I have such fond memories of everything we saw, experienced, ate and did here.  Oh Savannah, I can't wait to bond with you again (and get better pics!).

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