Sunday, February 21, 2010

Personalized Baby Gifts

I have been wanting to keep a list of some of my favorite personalized baby gifts that I have bought/seen/we have received for Paddy.  We were so fortunate to get so many special gifts and these are just a few...

1.  License Plate Onesie (part of the reason this is so cute is that was sent to us by a dear guy friend of ours (thanks, crazy Uncle Micah!) - I am dying to know if a girl told him to get this or if he really found it himself!)

2.  My Own Name book - I have given this as a gift to so many people, and was thrilled when we got one for Paddy - thanks, Aunt Sarah! :)

3.  Birth Art - I had been contemplating creating a birth announcement similar to the following birth art...needless to say, I was pretty much jumping up and down when the one that the Ser's sent us for Paddy arrived!  Sommer can read my mind!

4.  Personalized Block - This is such an adorable keepsake with all the important birth stats!  We love ours...thanks to the Thomas & Rykard families!

5.  Custom sports team onesies - I found these on eBay, and it was even cuter in person when we received Paddy's!

6.  Personalized stroller blanket - I love the quality of this blanket that we is so thick and soft, it has been perfect to keep him warm when going outside...thanks, Lara's!


  1. I love these ideas! Especially the birth art!

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