Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home Goods = Good Lamps

So, Sean broke one of our bedside lamps shortly after we moved here, and I was so distraught.  I am embarrassed to admit how upset I got about it because I know it is just an object...not even a sentimental one at that.  However, I just like to take good care of our things, and I felt like it was a careless mistake.  Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when I was vacuuming.  We have horrible outlets in this house, and the one I was using is above, yes, above, my dresser on this random piece of wood sticking out of the wall.  So, to make a long story short, I hear a crash and the vacuum cord had knocked over one of the lamps from my favorite pair and destroyed it.  UGH.  I had given Sean such a hard time, and now I did it...and if I was going to break one, why couldn't it have been the other one like the one Sean broke???  Now, we had one of each set....booo.  Oh yeah, and a big sorry to Sean for giving him such a hard time when I went and did the same thing. :)

Enter Home Goods.  I checked Target - where I had bought the two, now mismatched, sets from - but I honestly feel like their lamps, at least the ones online, are expensive!  I decided to hit up Home Goods one day when Sean watched Paddy and I had some 'me' time.  Jackpot.  I got two new sets of lamps - thinking that I would return one of the sets - but now, both sets have found new homes here with us!

I wasn't sure that I wanted more black lamps; however, I thought I could spray these a different color if I wanted to, and I could put matching or different color ribbon over the black piping on the shades...

 On another note...I am in desperate need of finding a stylish yet functional alarm clock.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I have a crush on this clock, but to be honest, I love having a digital alarm clock!

Since I can't afford a Nelson lamp, I figured that these would do!  I haven't been a huge fan of my dark teal wall, but in this natural light, I am liking it!
P.S.  I am making a concerted effort to try to take most pictures with only natural light, and I am noticing a huge difference.  It makes me really motivated to want to learn more about taking better photos!

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