Saturday, January 23, 2010

Potential Project

So, from an email misunderstanding has come a potential very cool project. Ryan was talking about wanting to build himself a laundry cart sort of like this one, but with a wooden top that could be used for folding, but could also be removed....

I misunderstood and was selfishly thinking he was talking about trying to build one for us out of my left over bowling slab from Paddy's dresser. So, he humored me, and we continued thinking about could also be a cool toy storage piece for Paddy, or really anything - a cool mudroom organizer, laundry bins, etc. You know I adore furniture that can be multi-purposed.

Plus, these bins have been on my Amazon wishlist for a while now, so it would be an awesome excuse for having some!

Based on our email exchanges, Ryan did this great drawing...

We 'discussed' a few options, but we were thinking of adding another row of the canvas bins to maximize storage space. The legs would be wood or maybe iron...I think iron could be fun in keeping with the industrial feel.

So, now, either I need to become a woodworker, or I need Ryan to come back and visit. Oh yeah, and we need more room in our apartment to place a piece like this :)

Hopefully there will be some developments on this plot...

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