Saturday, January 16, 2010

My favorite spot in Boston...

Every time Sean and I check out a new site in Boston, I wonder if I am going to have a new favorite; however, the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum has maintained its position as numero uno.
We have decided that we want to model our dream house off of the museum (obviously on a much, MUCH smaller scale). Basically, she constructed a huge home with the middle of the house being a tranquil, lush courtyard and garden. Most rooms border and have gorgeous windows overlooking the oasis. How lovely would it be to wake up to something like this every morning?

from here, here, & Flickr

I wish I could bring all my friends here because the ISG Museum never fails to make me feel at peace, happy, inspired, and in awe.

Unfortunately, you can't take pictures inside :( In my opinion, the ISG Museum could stand to create a beautiful coffee table book with exquisite pictures...mostly of the courtyard.

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