Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another potential project...canvas bag

So, along with the laundry cart misunderstanding, there was another one. Ryan had mentioned maybe I could attempt making him a canvas bag with a 'stained' M on it. I was thinking he meant a big weekend bag. I was immediately constructing it in my head...

Base it on bags like these...

Get some cool canvas/duck cloth in a neutral color, use some thick rope for this...

Make stencil out of cool font and do some fabric this tutorial.

The only question I have would be how to sew the rope on as my sewing machine couldn't go through it, so I guess I could sew on either side of it - similar to the bag above, but then how would I connect/tie the rope?

Anyways, what Ryan was REALLY asking was...if he built a wood frame, could I build a canvas bin (like the ones I want for the other potential project) to go around it. Wow, totally misunderstood. we have ideas for new fun projects!


  1. Meghan, Check out this store on etsy:
    Maybe you could buy some material that has the letter "M" on it?

  2. very cool store...thanks for the info!!