Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fine Art of Flowers

Winston flowers makes me feel like I walked into paradise. I have never seen such beautiful flower design. The containers are of grand scale, the flowers are unique, lush, and impeccably arranged. I wish I could live in this store (put Winstons and Anthropologie together, and it would be paradise on steroids!). I wasn't sure if they would allow pictures, and I am too chicken to I snapped a few with my camera phone. Please pardon the quality, but hopefully it will give a sense of how amazing this place is.

This was my favorite pot - only $2000! I'll take two... :)

Oh, sweet succulents...makes me miss all my plants in GA. Hallie/Sommer/Brenda - you all know what I mean! Lately I have been craving an enormous succulent arrangement like one that I saw at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. mmmm.....
these shelves would be awesome storage for potting supplies...
such striking arrangements...
this makes me want to hang a chandelier in an outdoor living space.

love the log idea...I would take one of these tables too...
I wish I could have orchids in every room (and also have a good out of the way place to store them/allow them to stay alive when they aren't in bloom!)
i love birch wood (reminds me of the cottage). they have such fantastic displays.


  1. WOW! I have to visit this place. This is amazing. And you are right, having orchids in every room is marvelous, especially when they continue to rebloom. I'm going to be very sad to leave my Florida growing paradise.

  2. Brandy! I was thinking of you after I went to the flower shop yesterday thinking that I need to have you do a guest post here about gardening! You are my gardening idol. I read your blog and was tearing up about the other dog that reminded you of Charlie.