Saturday, January 16, 2010


So, we made a rookie mistake when we were first married. We needed a, we bought one...without test driving it. Bad move. We have regretted it ever since the day we got the couch, and here we are, six and a half years later, still grumpy about the couch. Now, to look at the positives:

1. it is slip-covered and washable, which is key for bad dog owners like us who let our black lab sit with us on a khaki couch.
2. Neutral khaki color...has been able to withstand lots of different colored throw pillows and wall colors.

We dream and talk about getting a new couch often.

Here is the thing...I love upholstered couches; however, with Glory and now Paddy (okay, I guess I should include Sean and I here too b/c we are just as guilty as G & SP), I want something that is easy to clean. I can't count how many moments of frustration I have had b/c of the couch not being clean...argh. So, since we are crushing on the tufted look, I feel like our only option for me to keep my sanity would be a leather couch like this:

Some of the others that I like...

from WS Home

**I found one more that I had to add!


  1. I love the WS option...I've enjoyed reading your blog so much lately! I hope you're loving motherhood!

  2. I love my white canvas couch, but yes, I must wash it and I hate that on days. Mom has a leather couch, and I love it! Christmas, me, two dogs, and our neice piled up on it every day--mud or not you'd have never known it!