Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Laurie's Shower

I had the honor of hosting my friend, Laurie's baby shower this past weekend. I had the best time getting ready for it. I wanted to make it an elegant and fun afternoon for Laurie.

I designed some simple invitations. Laurie has very cool, modern taste, so I wanted to try to create something that she would like. I wasn't sure about the yellow/gray color combo at first, but it totally grew on me, and I am starting to become obsessed.

Shower Prep...

A big thanks to Jamie as she helped me make the cake pops.  We couldn't find any gray candy melts (probably a good thing...these candy melt colors sometimes freak me out).  You just can't go wrong with Bakerella's cake pops!

Add tiny glassine bags, a cute tie (my new favorite, baker's twine), and a YUM sign, and they were all set!

I also made some little monogrammed flags to spruce up some of the food!

Then, I designed some tags and got them ready to wrap up the silverware...

All wrapped up...

I also made a strand of 'Caden' flags for the dining room...

Being that we are up on the second floor, I wanted to make sure everyone knew which door was ours...

The downstairs door window...

The entryway was a good spot for the favors - the cake pops, YUM.  I didn't want guests to forget to take one home!

 I like to place a coordinating piece of paper on top of the styrofoam b/c it is a lot prettier to look at!

I made some yarn poufs for the present always feels so good to use stuff that you have laying around the house, doesn't it?  Here is a tutorial on making the yarn poufs...

Onto the grub....

I was struggling with feeling like my ugly kitchen was going to ruin how cute I wanted the shower to be.  I tried to mask the ugliness, and thank goodness for the buffet Randy built us being in there (Randy/Brenda - it got compliments again :)).  I just had to hope that lots of food/drinks would distract everyone from the gray formica with blue detail.

Here was the menu:

Mocktail - Sparkling Apple Juice with Raspberries

From the bar...a recent purchase that I am absolutely loving is this tiny carafe.  I actually bought 4 that are even smaller than this...Hungry Mother (that restaurant in Cambridge that we love) uses these itty bitty ones to bring cream out with coffee.  I ordered coffee just to have one of those tiny carafes bought to the table!  Yeah for China Fair! (Have you heard of China Fair?  They have EVERYTHING!)

My sweet husband helping me prep!  He was truly a huge help...


-Aunt Noella's coffee cake
-Banana Chocolate Chip Bread (Rene's recipe)
-Sausage Cheese Balls (Does anyone have a favorite recipe for these?  I always google one, and never use the same one...I want a good one that I can use time and time again!)
-Fruit with Yogurt Dip 
-Chili Puffed Eggs (Mom's recipe...this is our FAVORITE egg bake)
-Cheesy Hashbrown Bake



-Sour Cream Caramel Cakes (Paula Deen's recipe)
-Cheesecake with raspberries (I overcooked it by accident! ...Krissy's Grandma's recipe)
-Homemade Turtles (thanks to Jamie's recipe!)
-Cake Pops

It was so much fun to meet all of Laurie's wonderful friends and have a nice afternoon to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Caden Lee.  We can't wait to meet the newest little Hoosier, Laurie and Brian!!


  1. gorgeous! I love the yellow and grey--I would love to see a how-to on how you did the flags! Is it paper or fabric? Also, the cake pops are awesome!

  2. Hi Vanessa!! I wanted to do fabric flags, but I ended up doing them out of paper. I found fabric patterns that I liked, then copied the image into PowerPoint. I would expand the fabric image to be big enough to allow me to place a triangle shape on top of that image. I then added the circle, and then the letter inside it. I printed on the 80 lb. linen cardstock that I use for everything. I then cut them out, and punched holes for the yarn...that's it!!