Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fiddle Leaf Fig Mourning

So, one of the trees that died en route to Boston last year was my fiddle leaf fig tree.  This was my absolute favorite house plant, especially with a can light behind it to illuminate the pretty leaves.  Down in GA, these would be sold at Home Depot for around $9.  $9!!!!  And they were a good size, very healthy...just perfect.  So, I have been searching for one here since we first arrived, and I have to say, the house plant selections at Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.  are terrible here.  Why can't they carry a fiddle leaf fig??

Of course, one of my favorite shops, Portobello Road, carries them; however, they are out of my $9 price range.  

I have scoured the internet, but being that I am a person who wants immediate satisfaction, I don't want to buy one of the little seedlings you can get online.  Hmmmm.  I wish I could road trip to GA to pick one up :)

Catherine and I are taking Paddy on his first trip to Ikea today, and we are also going to give Home Depot one more shot to come through on the fiddle leaf fingers are crossed...

*Updated 1/29/10 - I found a picture of my beloved old Fiddle Leaf.  RIP, FLF.

from Domino

from Flickr

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  1. So I am headed down that same mourning path... mine is barely hanging on... one stem has no leaves... the other stem has about seven all near the top... It is heartbreaking because looking at it makes me makes me think of Slade Drive and I need it for that alone! I already severely killed the hydrangeas :(