Saturday, January 30, 2010

"It's all up here"

Years ago, I gave my dad a picture of a Pottery Barn bed, and said, "Dad, don't you think you can make this for me?"  In the next few years following that exchange, I would ask, "Hey Dad, how is that bed coming along?"  The response would be (while pointing to his head)..."It's all up here, Meghan.  It's all up here."  One day, the bed was finally ready, and let me tell you, it was gorgeous.  He did a fantastic job.

Once I knew Paddy was coming, I asked my dad if he thought he could whip up a kiddo-sized coat rack and one of those wooden changing table toppers.  Needless to say, he didn't disappoint!   Again, the quality of his work is amazing.  Sean Patrick is lucky to have such a handy grandpa.  I hope my dad will be able to pass some of his knowledge along to our little man.   I feel so blessed to have such a talented Dad...and one who is willing to go along with my ideas!



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  1. The coat rack is adorable! And that Your dad is VERY talented.