Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Canopy Chair spotting!!

I talked to Brenda today, and she spotted a Canopy Chair in Fort Worth, TX.  I don't even know if Canopy Chair is really the correct name, but I will roll with that until I learn otherwise!

I checked out the link for the restaurant that she saw the chair in, and I absolutely LOVE the decor.  When I think about how I would describe my style, I always struggle.  I feel like it is a strange mix, and it is also a mix of some things that I love but maybe don't actually have in my own home yet...can anyone relate?   The pictures from Tillman's Roadhouse really captured all my favorites...rustic, natural elements, modern victorian (can that be a category?) and mid century modern...ahhh, gorgeous!

Super cool, Brenda.  Thanks for snapping this pic, and if anyone is interested in seeing the decor in Tillman's Roadhouse, check it out here.

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