Thursday, September 3, 2009


Okay, Stef...I know I will probably never come close to how good you are with coupons, but I saved $75.99 today at the commissary! That was 26% of our total bill. That totally made my week. When I saved $27 a couple months ago, I never thought I could beat am I going to beat $75.99? Let the games begin...

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  1. I am so proud of you! Are you hooked now? The thing is to try and beat your percentage. It won't work if you try to beat the actual $$$ amount saved. I have been meaning to tell you to sign up on They send you email updates and how to get lots of coupons and free stuff. Also go to They send you, buy mail, the best coupons, and lots of free samples plus coupons for free stuff. It is like Chirstmas in your mailbox a few times a month!

    Now you need a binder and some baseball card holders to keep all your coupons! Boy, I wish I could shopat the commisary! So jealous! I miss BOGO at Publix soooooooooomuch! Oh, and the 1 cent coupon every week. Oh, the good old days.