Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nesting - Chapter 1

So, you moms, how many of you went through some crazy nesting? Sean is convinced mine has started long ago - thus asking "Do I have front row seats to the Morrow nest fest again today?" However...I am not convinced the best of it has even begun yet :)

I have had conversations with Sommer and Krissy lately about having so much to do, and not seeming to be able to accomplish it. We just keep making list after list (who doesn't love a list?), but instead of checking off my infamous boxes, I just start a new list. I have a list of things I need to accomplish soon, a list for Sean, a list for must-dos before the baby, etc. They are never ending. Bottom line, I need to kick myself into gear...ASAP!

Here is the start of my pre-baby list...(this doesn't include the million things I still need to do with the nursery)

1. DEEP CLEAN the house - baseboards, maybe walls, windows...everything!

I have this huge fear of going into labor earlier than expected, and the house not being totally clean/perfect. I am one of those (I think most of us are) who can't relax until the house is clean, and I REALLY don't want to bring a new baby home from the hospital and feel like I immediately need to clean. That WILL happen if it is not just so. I have asked my sweet husband to make sure that if I get too huge/uncomfortable to clean, that he somehow ENSURES that this deep clean happens. It can be my "push present" (which deserve a post of their own), I don't care...just make sure it is clean.

2. Purge more crap from our house.

With the arrival of so many wonderful baby gifts...we are realizing even more that we need to simplify our lives. Does it ever end? We just did this a few months ago when clearing out the room for the nursery!

On this note, I am trying to model myself after my brother. I tend to think I am relatively organized (which I have talked myself into, it is not really true), but then I visit Ryan and I open one of his cabinet doors and I can see each and every cleaning product, sponge, trash bag and there is all kinds of spare room. He has everything he needs, it is all extremely organized, and easy to FIND! Anytime I ask Sean to get something out of the cabinets under the sink it goes something like this...

M: Sean, can you get me a new sponge?

S: Sure...where are they?

M: Under the sink...

S: *almost immediately* Meghan! I can't find them....

M: They are there, keep looking.

(lots of clanging around, crap all over the floor, cabinet half way cleaned out now that it has thrown up all over the kitchen floor)

S: Meghan, I still can't find it.

M: *BIG SIGH.* Sean, it is RIGHT HERE.

S: Well, I couldn't see it b/c there was so much other stuff in there!

Just thinking about this makes me think that I need Ryan's help, big time. More to come on nesting...

One more note: Here is my thing about organization. I LOVE nifty gadgets/boxes/dividers that help you get organized, but I am too cheap to spend much money on them...time to get creative!!


  1. all i have to say is 'get used to it'--about the lists, i mean. you will never again be "task free"...also, the stuff will multiply like mad after sidekick arrives.
    my two cents on the clean is that it doesn't really matter and he won't notice...but, i've been the same way both times. G was 2 weeks late and I must have steam cleaned my carpets 3 times:)

  2. ...I've definitely heard the "I can't find it" complaints before...hmmmmm..I believe they come from Randy..