Friday, September 18, 2009

Pretty Little Jars

As I think I have already mentioned, I love multiples of things that I like. It is sort of a problem I have. So, I had been wanting some small apothecary jars for the cotton balls/safety swabs for the nursery. Pottery Barn was the only place I could find ones that were small enough, but I didn't want to pay their price. I was searching the internet one night last week, and all of a sudden noticed that this small jar was on sale...big time sale - only $2.97 each! So, three jars later, we have the cotton balls, swabs, and even dog treats stored up and ready to go! If you are in need of jars...go quickly!!

Let me quickly explain the dog you all know, I get so sad thinking about the lack of attention that Glory will get once Sidekick arrives b/c she really has been our child up to this point. So, in one of the books I was reading, it mentioned a family who kept dog treats by the changing table, and anytime the baby was changed, the dog got a treat. Pretty soon, given dog's keen sense of smell, the dog would go sit by the changing table before the parents even realized the baby had a dirty diaper. Bottom line, associating good things to the new baby. So, we figured we would give it a try.

NOTE: (Mark/Krissy, Sean knows that you guys would just love it that we are putting these breakable containers within the vicinity of a kicking/screaming baby...we know...they probably won't last long!)

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