Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dream Glider for Nursery

If I could pick any glider, I would pick the Monte Luca Glider. It gets excellent reviews from every site I have checked, and I like the modern lines of it and high back. Even more fun, Gina texted me and asked if I had seen that one b/c she just saw it and liked it too! If only it was more inexpensive! I keep checking craigslist, hoping someone may not have room for it in their place anymore :)

I am planning to go to the SOWA market this Sunday in the South End to see if I can find any chair I can't live without fingers are crossed!

Image via Monte Designs

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  1. Just be sure to sit in the chair before you buy it! If it is not comfy, walk away! Trust me. When you have been up for days on end, you could care less if the chair looks good. You just want comfort! :) Love you.