Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nursery Chair Dilemma

I was so happy when I finally made up my mind that I wanted a mid-century modern chair for the nursery to go with the eclectic mix of stuff we have for the room. I found an Eames rocker knock off on I usually am pretty good about reading reviews, but maybe I was so excited about the price of this one, that I ignored the reviews.

So, we receive the chair, and I couldn't figure out where the rest of the legs were. This chair seriously had to be made for children. Sean sat in it and his knees were pretty much to his chin. Thus, the chair has to be returned. :(

I have spent more time than I care to count looking at other mid century modern chairs, but can't seem to find one that looks good and rocks.

Also, our nursery is SO tiny that the chair must not be too big (thus, no gliders for me) otherwise there is no way we will be able to wedge it through these tiny doorways that we are subject to.

Can anyone help me?

Our chair that went back:

Other mid century chairs that I like, but they don't rock:

Egg Chair

Womb Chair

I was trying to find a regular rocking chair that had a bit of a modern look...what about this one from good old Target? I am not crazy crazy about it, but like that it is a little different, and I like the price...

Please help me.


  1. I like the one from Target, but it kind of looks like it belongs outside... I'll look around for you. Have you checked out IKEA?

  2. Hi Brandy - Great Idea - I looked at their non-rockers, but I just checked out the following that I think I could like...what do you think?

    I see an upcoming trip to Ikea in my future - woo hoo :)

  3. hmmm..i like the second ikea rocker best or the target one. I would say you need to try it out, if you can!!! I keep seeing the heavenly rocker as I am browsing - is it too big? I have a glider from PBK and it is very small. GL!