Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I had seen a lot of cute owl pillows, mobiles, etc. for nurseries, so I decided I would try my hand at making a pillow slip cover to match our colors. Again, my sewing is less than stellar, but I kind of like the little guy! It is still more of a "bag" than a slip cover as I haven't figured out an easy way to close it up yet.

So, this morning, Glory was on the couch, and she all of a sudden noticed the owl staring at her. She honed in on it, her mohawk went up, and she started barking and creeping up on it...the owl slept through the whole thing :)


  1. Hilarious! Smokey Dawg does the same thing with the AFLAC duck....any other soft toy that looks like it could be barked at or chased!

  2. ....and by the way...the cushion is georgeous!

  3. Your sewing isn't much??!! It looks like a lot to me. That is the sweetest owl... So cute.