Friday, September 18, 2009

Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

I love acorns.

I think they are one of the cutest, most perfect little tidbits of nature. They seem to be cropping up everywhere! When we went to the Breakers Mansion in Newport a few months ago, I loved how the Vanderbilt family crest was centered on an acorn. I then scoured around and found an eBay lamp to incorporate an acorn into Sidekick's nursery. I found a more modern resin one that I liked better, but I really liked the fact that this was 1950s Italian alabaster or marble (I never know how to tell the difference).

The last couple years, I have had some acorns that I put into my apothecary jars when fall time rolls around (thanks, Sommer, for picking those big ones up for me from the Ft. Benning golf course!). So, I have started seeing some good ones around here. Thus, Glory has been my companion on some acorn searches lately. Pottery Barn is selling a small package of fake ones for $ I figure, why not get them myself. Someone once told me that you could super glue them back together if the tops fell off, so in the middle of watching a movie, I glued and glued and glued. Like my mom said, I guess I am a glutton for punishment! Let's hope they stick :)

Okay, enough of my acorn babble. I am trying to gear up to attempt to make a mobile for the nursery. I was going to do birds but in light of my acorn obsession, now I am thinking I will attempt squirrels with acorns? We will see.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Notice the delicate bowl that Hallie gave me - I believe this was an Etsy find...I find it perfect for pretty little things...

the lamp in the nursery...I found a PB shade for $11.97, got a smaller harp for the lamp so that the poor shade fit, and then had it re-wired. Oh yeah, and, b/c our place is so old and totally not up to code electrically, I got a remote controlled dimmer for this bad boy. LOVE IT.

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