Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life with Boys

So, when we went to the Sox game on the 4th of July, I had a great afternoon chatting (notice I didn't say watching the game) with the extended family that Jeanine was working for, and they all have boys. They were telling me so many funny stories, and I walked away with a few top tips of the day...

So...(if anyone is out there)...calling all moms with boys...what are your tips for raising boys? I want to hear it!

Here were the tips I took away from the game:
1. Oxy Clean - Always have it b/c they will make a total mess of all clothes
2. Handi-Wipes - Always carry them in your purse b/c boys are always a mess
3. (Personal Favorite) - Superglue - Always have lots of tubes of this to glue toys together. The mom that told me this said that her sons always ask her to help put together their complicated Lego projects, and after she spends hours assembling, they take it apart. Thus, Superglue it together! PERFECT.

Please help me add to my arsenal of good tips. :)


  1. so many!

    When changing the diaper, point the package down. Batteries - we are always needing batteries. Baby proof - boys are curious, climbing, busy....don't stress yourself out, just make your living space as child-friendly as possible! Enjoy your little boy - the time just flies by!!!

  2. Thanks so much, Jess :) Thanks for the rocking chair idea too - I had been looking at those - have you ever sat in one of those chairs before??

  3. no, sorry!!!! But, there are some awesome ones very similar at boutiques here....maybe the store was called Peter Grants? But I can't remember how expensive they are???