Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Basement Bathroom

We are very lucky to have an basement in our new house.  It is unfinished, but is painted and clean, so it will get a lot of good use.  There is a bathroom in the basement with a clawfoot tub, which I adore.  I wonder if it wants a clawfoot tub friend?  ...That is, since we still have that one from the cottage...which, by the way, makes me even more thankful for the garage (a.k.a. storage) that we will have. 

Anyways, this is my dream bathroom...Kate Spade can do no wrong!  Love the colors, the clawfoot tub, the bold wallpaper, and the shower curtain.  Of course, I was hoping to make my Ikea Hemmes curtains turn into a shower curtain like this one, if I can sew some straight black lines of fabric on the  bottom of them...

I was wondering if I could loosely recreate a similar look if we were to convert the tub into a shower with one of these 'kits'.  We would only buy one of these if we can find a very cheap one like these on eBay.  Problem is, I am not really sure of all the plumbing details I need to be paying attention to when purchasing one of these...yikes.  That's a disaster waiting to happen.

And, since I love my Ikea Hemmes curtains, maybe I could use some of those and add some black fabric to create the stripes myself?  Add some kelly green accents, and I would be good to go.

The only problem now is that a kelly green is the only color that I am gravitating towards for our other two bathrooms because of all the oak cabinetry...I am having a creativity block about other colors that would play nicely with the stain.  Any other suggestions??


  1. Love the bright green & crisp white. I have no suggestions for other colors that go with Oak. I'm clueless. But - would like to know -- where are pictures of the new casa??? Just one shot? :)

  2. Hi Dubs :) We aren't in the new house yet - right now, we can move in mid-Aug. We are hoping it gets moved up. I will take some befores/afters once we get in :)

  3. why don't you order yourself a few yards of this fabric and sew it on the horizontal?


  4. Great idea, Christi! Thanks so much!!!