Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Curtain Call

So, here at West Point, I was blown away to learn about 'Curtain Call'.  Basically, it is a gold mine...you can go and purchase curtain panels for 'donation only' and they recommend $1 per panel!  From my understanding, there is an  alum who owns a curtain/textile company, and he decided to regularly send shipments here for everyone to benefit from.  How generous...and what a jackpot.

I was fortunate enough to attend one a couple weeks ago, and I came home with 17 curtains...lots of sets but also lots of singles as it is hard to find a match at times.  However, I figured if I could become industrious, they could make some great pillows, or, maybe I would attempt Jenny's brilliant DIY - roman shades made out of mini blinds.  I got two sets for Krissy which we hung (or, I should say, have attempted to hang because one already fell down!) in their living room and study - they look great...and can't beat $4 for curtains in two rooms!

I bought some mini blinds from WalMart in hopes that would inspire me to get going on this project.  I am notoriously bad at measurements, so I am a little gun shy since I have a fear that I will complete them, and then they will be the wrong size!  If I motivate, I will keep you posted.

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