Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paddy's Room - Books

So, in Boston, we made due with the closet shelf as a bookshelf, knowing that Paddy would need more space for books once we moved on.  I have Craiglook set up with a search for bookcases/bookshelves, but I haven't seen any I am crazy about, so I have started thinking about alternatives...

The only requirement I can think of is that I will need to have some space for books that are not age appropriate yet so that he doesn't destroy all of them already...whether that be a higher shelf, the top of a dresser, etc.

I thought that I could remove a couple of the metal bins from the Brimfield cart in order to store books.  Or maybe I should even remove all the bins on the lower shelf since we are a little worried about Paddy pulling those all the way out and hurting himself!

Or, today, I saw the book slings that two of my fabulous blogging friends, Vanessa and Michelle, have made...very cool, and I think this is even within my limited sewing capability!

Or, maybe I just need some cool bookends.  Again, I liked this idea that Vanessa blogged about because I feel like it is always so hard to find bookends that are heavy enough!  However, Hallie, Brandy and I have tried to work with concrete before and we weren't very successful, were we ladies?

Does anyone have any other ideas?  I am all ears...


  1. You can make the book slings easily! It involves sewing only straight lines--just a big rectangle. I have VERY limited skills and I did it, so I'm postive you could!

    If you want to send me the fabric, I would be happy to sew it for you, as well! :)

    I found some brass duckhead bookends at goodwill a few weeks ago, spray painted them white and they look great now--maybe you can find something fun in your local thrift stores.

  2. I meant to email you to tell you that I was going to talk about two of the things you blogged about the other day :) I love your ideas! :)

  3. first, this nursery is adorable! second, the bookslings are great! i think a few at different heights would be really cute.