Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paddy's Room - Books, part two.

I forgot about my other ideas for books for Paddy's room...

I LOVE the idea of the wall book shelves for displaying books - like from Kelly Wearstler's children's room...
Children's books are such beautiful pieces of art in their own right...

I also love the idea from Young House Love about how they are going to create shallow shelves for their office to put their postcards on.  I love their idea of sending themselves postcards whenever they travel, and now they plan to display them.  Genius.  Sommer and I have decided that they are so incredibly perfect...why can't we be more like them?  I thought it would be fun to start at least 'buying' (I am not so good at sending postcards) Paddy a postcard from places that we take him.  Then, we could display those as well as some others that I have picked up or saved over the years.

Not sure that any of these ideas will come to fruition while we are here, but I would love to implement them someday!


  1. The image above is from Grace Happens!

  2. As a adult I'm jealous because adult books never have all the cool pictures kids books do.