Tuesday, July 20, 2010

White Plates...to have or not to have?

So, for a long time, we have talked about buying some white plates in bulk for entertaining.  We finally buckled when we got here because after much shopping around, we were able to get 36 dinner and 36 salad plates from the Williams Sonoma Outlet for 50% off the outlet price.  Plus, we had a gift card...perfect.
We have had lots of hilarious late night chats while here at M&K's, and the plates came up.  I knew we would get grilled by M for making this purchase, so I tried to use my eco-friendly reasoning with him.  Being the 'green soul' that he is...I thought this was my only way to win this discussion.

The sad part is, I have even wondered at times if 36 was enough!!  (Okay, I am still wondering....)

Last night while reading about something completely unrelated on Apartment Therapy, I found this post about these people who bought 160 white plates!!!  Yeah, someone more crazy than us.  I love these people, and I love their rationale...and all the comments that follow.  I immediately announced this article to Sean and K who were in the room with me, and sent it to M, hoping he would read it when it popped up on his iPad upstairs!  M said it is just proof that you can always find something on the internet to back up what is not true....bottom line, I am still happy with my purchase.  Where do you stand?


  1. This is too funny....I was just thinking about investing in a set of white plates, because I don't have enough plates for a dinner party, and I feel guilty using disposable.

    This article made me feel a little less crazy!

  2. Come join the crazies, Caroline! I am so happy to have the plates! Thanks for the comment!

  3. all of our dishes -- everyday, sunday and fine china are white! I love white dishes!

  4. I am 100% for the obsessive buying of white plates! They will last for-e-ver because white never goes out of style. And since you have so many, it won't be terribly upsetting if/when a few of them break! We have white dinner plates {just 8, though ;)} and I really want to buy more!