Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Best coffee shop in town

I had planned to spend this evening at a coffee shop trying to accomplish some of the things on my to do list, and after realizing how slim the pickings are around here for a place that stays open late and has wifi, I decided to turn the Crow's front porch into my work space. 

As I am going through my million tear sheets trying to remember why I ripped them out, this is what Krissy and Isabella bring out to me...

Featured here...
Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake with Ganache (Brenda's recipe, of course!)
Beautifully frothed coffee
Pretty folded napkin by Isabella - she is working on becoming a napkin folding expert lately

Not only are they letting us stay with them for SOOOOO long, but now they are surprising ME with treats?  This should be reversed.  I wish I could better express how thankful we are for our amazing friends.

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