Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Paddy's Room - Wall Idea

So, because I have been feeling a complete lack of inspiration on the blogging front, I figured I would try to jump start myself by posting about some design ideas for the new house which may or may not pan out.

I am obsessed with maps lately, so when I stumbled across these maps (I was able to get it for cheaper, but I guess the company I purchased from is now out of them - however, these are still almost 1/2 the price of the exact same one that UO is selling!) that would take up an entire wall, I knew this was what I wanted to attempt in Paddy's room.

Image via Urban Outfitters 

Now, I would love to hang this in a way that I might be able to re-use it in the future, but I haven't had a brilliant idea for how to do that.   The whole map is more than 8 feet by 13 feet, and it comes in three large pieces. If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them!  The only thing I thought of was binder clips??  Not sure if those would be strong enough to hold these pieces up since they technically should be hung like wallpaper.  Poor Krissy - she keeps offering to help me paint, then she spilled the beans that she knows how to wallpaper.  She is in trouble...I am going to probably take her up on ALL her offers :)

Then, I will probably paint the rest of the walls a light blue to go along with the map...I finally bit the bullet and ordered the map, so I will try to color match once I receive it.  

I also love the chair in this pic!  For now, Paddy will be stuck with the vintage orange beauty :)

So...should I start a poll on how long it is going to take to hang this bad boy?


  1. I love the map wall idea!!! There was a big map I desperately wanted at a rundown antique place but it was still $400, so I was never able to talk Sam into - but I was in love.

    What about making three wood frames and installing the paper on those and then securing to the wall. You'd lose an inch or two depending on what kind of wood you used to make the frame but atleast then you'd be able to take it with you!

  2. Here is one I love...hope the link works for you!

  3. awesome, ladies! Thanks so much for sharing these ideas!! Sara - the size of the one that you sent is much better than the one that I already ordered! Guess I am a bit too late to fix that though. LOVE the way centsational girl's turned out!

    Meghan - I am so intimidated by cutting angles/making frames, but this is a fear I would like to conquer soon - I like that idea. Also, I forgot to add a link to the map I bought, but I got it for what I thought was a great price - $59...compared to the $140 that Urban Outfitters is charging!

  4. I LOVE the map idea! I was going to reuse a large wall map that ben has in his office if we were having a boy! It's perfect for Paddy's room! Can't wait to see it hanging. I have no idea how to hang it....there are those sticky things that you hang posters with, but I'm not sure how much weight they can take.

  5. Thanks for all the helpful comments, friends and family! After thinking through all the options, and talking with Krissy about time/money/effort, I think I may just go ahead and hang it and not worry about taking it with when we leave. For $59, I feel like it would be easiest to just replace it when we leave if I wanted to! Thank you all for all the wonderful suggestions!