Thursday, July 15, 2010


So, I know I previously wrote about the Craigslist Image Prefetcher, which I hope, if you EVER look at craigslist, that you have taken the time to download it because it will save you HOURS.

Krissy introduced me to Craiglook.  I was sort of reluctant to use it at first; however, once I realized that I could SAVE SEARCHES, I was hooked.  I now receive lovely daily emails with all the new postings that match what I am looking for.  The only problem I have is that you can only have 10 searches and currently there are about 500 I would like to have.  You can also use their handy slider bar to say how far you are willing to travel to get the goods, and your search is quickly updated...nice, right?

Hope you enjoy it, if you aren't already!  Anyone else have any fantastic craigslist tools?

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