Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Everybody needs a white elephant

So, there is an overpriced Goodwill store that I have been frequenting since I have arrived.  It is so interesting to me how some of the Goodwills that I have been to have fabulous prices, and others are completely overpriced.  I guess the bottom line is that I still go back for the thrill of the hunt, overpriced or not.

Anyways, I have been wanting one of those elephant side tables for a while now (wish I would have bought the $65 one that we saw in Newburyport!) when I saw this little guy at Goodwill (book end size), I figured he would help me get my fix in the meantime.

The little man on my shoulder kept saying...this is overpriced, you don't need this, where are you going to even put this?....but I ignored him.

Two elephant stories - I can't stop laughing about how ridiculous I must sound to Mark whenever he asks me what I am about to go do...last night, it was, 'oh, I am going to paint an elephant'.  I think he now knows to just smile & nod.  He did later say, 'Everybody needs a white elephant."  True.

#2 - While babysitting the kiddos today, I asked Abbey if she wanted to go check out my elephant...she seemed awfully excited, so she quickly put her shoes on and was ready to go outside.  We got out there, and she looked pretty confused and said, "he's not bigger?"  I realized that I should have been more clear - the poor girl was excited to see a real elephant!  She did later tell me that she REALLY likes him though.

I think he looks happier white.
UPDATE - 8/3/2010 - I didn't realize how misleading these pictures are...this guy is pretty small - a good bookend size...I only WISH he was a side table!

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  1. Great find! I like him white too!

    I've noticed that about Goodwill too...the one in the south part of town has AMAZING prices, and the one right by my house is often overpriced. So weird!